Dear Guests!


Thank you for visiting our event. We wish you a great time. The followings are guidelines and rules of the festival. By purchasing the ticket, visitors must accept the rules of the festival. They also must acknowledge that these rules will be enforced. Daily tickets are valid for multiple entries each day within opening hours.


Festival Opening Hours:

Friday: 2 pm – 2 am, Saturday: 12 am – 2 am, Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm

Cashier closes one hour beforethe close of the Festival.


In case the number of maximum visitors stated in the security plan is reached, security staff will only allow new visitors to enter upon other visitors leaving. This rule applies for visitors carrying all kinds of tickets and passes including daily tickets, discount tickets and passes. Tickets will not be refunded! Passes will be exchanged for wristbands upon first entrance. Once placed on, wristbands are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you remove, tear, damage or lose your wristband, we will not replace it. Wristbands must be worn at all times duringthe festival, and visitors must show them to members of the staff upon request. Forgery of tickets will be prosecuted. Visitors under 18 will not receive a glass. Children under 14 may enter free of charge. Children under 14 may enter only with an adult, and must be supervised by an adult at all times during the festival.


The hellopay® card is the Budapest Pálinka Festival’s cash-free means of payment. All Guests may receive a hellopay® card at the top-up points in exchange for a 500 HUF deposit, which has a balance of zero Hungarian Forints. Cards become active subsequent to their first top-up or registration.

The balance on the card can be refunded at the event site, during the event’s opening hours at a hellopay® top-up points. Users who fail to refund the balance of their cards during the event have the opportunity to refund it within 6 months of the final card transaction at the hellopay® top-up point of Akvárium Klub (Budapest, V. Erzsébet square) or shop with it any other participating business, yet the card deposit fee cannot be refunded and thus they are unable to be reimbursed of the 500 HUF card usage charge and instead may use the card at participating businesses. Users who register their cards at the event are also UNABLE to refund the card usage charge at the top-up points of the event. The balances of cards registered at the event can still be refunded by users at hellopay® top-up/refund point. Users who do not register their card at the event can refund the balance of the card until the end of the event and if they return the cards intact, in which case they will be reimbursed the 500 HUF charge.


The individual places of purchase – i.e. the commercial units – have an obligation to provide a receipt.

The official measurement for tasting at the Budapest Pálinka Festival is the “kupica” (shot), which is approx. 14 milliliters.


On entrance to the event, Guests acknowledge the fact that minors under 18 years of age and drunken or intoxicated individuals will not be served alcoholic beverages throughout the premises of the event. Should Guests violate this rule or any other items of the Policy (for example, minors under 18 years of age purchasing or expressing the intention of purchasing alcohol) and in the process cause damages to the Organizer, they are required to compensate the Organizer (above and beyond any incidental fines).


It is strictly prohibited to carry bottles or any dangerous items which cause injury into the premises of the event! Only pets which are generally considered to be gentle, which pose no threat to other Guests and which are kept on a leash by their owners can be admitted to the event. Please forward any lost items to the security guards who may be approached for the return of lost and found items.

We kindly ask Guests to take care of their valuables – the Organizer assumes no responsibility for damages resulting in material losses or personal injuries should this arise from their irresponsible behavior.

Security staff may remove individuals displaying extreme behavior from the premises in order to provide for the safe entertainment of others.


The security staff may inspect the baggage and clothing of Guests, when justified.


Guests acknowledge the fact that the Organizer may make audio and visual recordings at the event through individuals with the expressed permission of the Organizer to do so as well as through the representatives of the press (under the provisions pertaining to their contract) and the Guests are allowed to do so as well. Should Guests enter or reside within the premises of the event, he or she may fall within the angle of cameras and thus their likenesses will be recorded and broadcasted, resulting in the creation and usage of the Guests’ audio and visual recording. Accordingly, by participating at the event, Guests consent to the creation of such audio and visual recordings, their broadcasting and the usage of these recordings of any nature, including the publication of their face, appearance and actions whilst only being nominated with their express permission. Should a visitor be a public figure, he or she may be nominated without their express permission.

The creator of the above-mentioned recordings is authorized to use them without any limitation of time, space or usage and has an exclusive, unlimited and assignable license for its usage.

The Organizer, as well as individuals with the Organizer’s permission, are allowed to use the recordings concerning Guests (including efforts to popularize the event) without any limitation, including its copying, publishing, adaptation, public broadcasting and distribution.


Guests expressly acknowledge the fact that the Organizer, or individuals authorized by the Organizer, may record the event, copy the recordings and distribute them in the form of video storage devices, broadcast or deliver to audiences in any way, repeatedly screen or relay them to audiences in any form, including the publication of the event or concerts through cables or any other devices (for example, YouTube) in a way in which they allow the members of the public to determine the time and place of said publication. Guests are not authorized to hold any claims or demands against the Organizer concerning above-mentioned publications and expressly acknowledge the fact that they cannot form claims of any nature to the above neither towards the Organizer, nor the individuals who made the recordings, nor any third party.


Sound and video recordings of the event may only be made with the expressed permission of the Organizer, yet photographing is allowed.

It is prohibited to perform any commercial or promotional activity within the premises of the event without the Organizer’s written permission.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of events.


Have a great time!